Tips, Tricks & Skills

Useful tips I’ve learned along the way can be found here.

Technique to Tie Your Shoes So Fast it Looks Like a Trick!

This is one of those tips that can change the way you do something everyday for the rest of your life! It’s a little thing, but it’s pretty cool.

Here I show you how to do what you’ve been doing all your life, tying your shoes but with a spin on it that makes it super fast and looks like a magic trick!

How To Coal Burn and Carve a Spoon

Here I demonstrate how to make a spoon by carving and using a coal burning technique to make the bowl.

It’s shot during an evening on location in Algonquin Provincial Park during an eight day solo trip on an island in Lac Lavielle with my dog Maddy.

Super Quick and Easy Siberian Hitch knot

This is a demonstration and description of the very useful Siberian Hitch knot. I’d have to say this is the knot I tie the most. Mainly because I use it to put up my tarp. It can be tied around trees very quickly and can even be tied with mitts on, making it great for cold weather.

Starting a Fire with a Ferro rod (aka flintstick or Firesteel)

This is the process I go through when starting a fire with my firesteel and birch bark.
In the areas I travel birch is generally easy to come by and it makes for great tinder. There are other things you can use such as mashed up dry grass, fluffed up cedar bark, etc… but when I can find it I always grab the birch. Though please be kind and don’t take it from living trees. If you find a standing birch you should be able to find enough bark on the ground to serve your purpose.