This is a trip I did with my Jack Russell Terrier buddy, Toby. I managed to get sick during this one but my cold kept pretty well out of my way once I got my days started.

Sorry about the audio quality in areas. My new camera had a defect which caused various audio issues. I’ve since returned it and the replacement is working great.

I do some product reviews here including the CNOC 2 litre bladder, Gomboy Silky 210 folding saw, Trekology ultralight inflatable pillow and others. Please keep in mind that I have no affiliation with any of these companies. These products have simply worked for me and I enjoy sharing what I’ve found.

I also demonstrate my water filter system which includes some 3D printed parts that I designed myself. I’ll have a link to those models before too long so come back and check soon if this is something you’re interested in.

I hope you enjoy the trip, Toby and I had a blast!