About Me



I’m Troy and I live in Ontario, Canada. As you may have guessed I’m an avid canoe tripper and enjoy backpacking and spending time in the woods. I tend to do most of my trips in Algonquin Provincial Park since it’s close by but more importantly it’s simply a beautiful place to be.

I do trips with my wife, kids and friends but also have a real passion for solo tripping.

I have varied other interests as well that will likely start showing up here in the arena of electronics and microprocessor, software development, wood work, pottery, among other topics.

About This Site



My intentions when I created this site were to share my passions with other like minded people. Whether those be fellow trippers or armchair outdoors men and women, I want to bring you along on my journey and share the wonderful experiences. From the condition of the portage trails to hanging out in the tent in a thunderstorm or just going over the finer points of my favourite knots, I love having you along to share it all with.

I’m not going to pretend I’m some kind of expert here, I’m just sharing what I know and what has worked out well for me over the years and I’m hoping this information will help others with ideas for their own trips and inspire the young and old alike to get out there and enjoy!