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Four Day Solo Canoe Trip with my Dog and a Nasty Cold

This is a trip I did with my Jack Russell Terrier buddy, Toby. I managed to get sick during this one but my cold kept pretty well out of my way once I got my days started.

Sorry about the audio quality in areas. My new camera had a defect which caused various audio issues. I’ve since returned it and the replacement is working great.

I do some product reviews here including the CNOC 2 litre bladder, Gomboy Silky 210 folding saw, Trekology ultralight inflatable pillow and others. Please keep in mind that I have no affiliation with any of these companies. These products have simply worked for me and I enjoy sharing what I’ve found.

I also demonstrate my water filter system which includes some 3D printed parts that I designed myself. I’ll have a link to those models before too long so come back and check soon if this is something you’re interested in.

I hope you enjoy the trip, Toby and I had a blast!

2 Night Solo with my Dog – Mora Knife, Sawyer Mini Filter, Warbonnet Hammock & Fishing on Crown Land

Join me on a two night solo canoe trip, instead of a park we’re heading out on public crown land in Quebec. I venture out with my trusty dog Toby and my Warbonnet Blackbird hammock for a great weekend. In the video I cover such topics as my new Sawyer Mini water filtration system, new Mora Companion knife, fishing and lets not forget about the crazy, nasty bugs among other things. I hope you’ll join me on this one…

As promised, here’s a link to my custom ferro rod holder 3D print for the Mora Companion sheath:

You can see my complete gear list for this trip on TheGearLoft here:

2 Night Solo Canoe Trip with my Jack Russell Pup, Hammock ‘n Hail

This is a chilly April trip I did with my dog, a lively 9 month old Jack Russell Terrier. This little guy is built for this stuff and did great in my new Hammock.

Join Toby and I on this adventure as I talk about the trip, new gear, camp tips and head home in the hail.

You can see my complete gear list for this trip here

8 Day Solo Canoe Trip

Come along on this extended cut video log of my solo canoe trip. Well almost solo, I did it with my my dog Maddy. We made our way through Algonquin Park traveling 150km in all with 46 portages totalling 26km. We got a whole lot of rain, made some great meals, and spotted some awesome wildlife. Come join Maddy and I on this beautiful solo canoe trip.

5 Day Solo Canoe Trip with My Dog Lucy

Come join Lucy and I in this 10 part series of this 5 day solo canoe trip in Algonquin Provincial Park that takes us on tour around Cedar and Catfish lake as well as a part of one of my favourite river, the beautiful Nipissing.

With some good thunder storms and high winds, it was challenging at times but we managed to get some good tips and tricks in along with our regularly scheduled portage show! Thanks for watching…


Part 1 of 10


Part 2 of 10


Part 3 of 10


Part 4 of 10


Part 5 of 10


Part 6 of 10


Part 7 of 10


Part 8 of 10


Part 9 of 10


Part 10 of 10

Technique to Tie Your Shoes So Fast it Looks Like a Trick!

This is one of those tips that can change the way you do something everyday for the rest of your life! It’s a little thing, but it’s pretty cool.

Here I show you how to do what you’ve been doing all your life, tying your shoes but with a spin on it that makes it super fast and looks like a magic trick!

How To Coal Burn and Carve a Spoon

Here I demonstrate how to make a spoon by carving and using a coal burning technique to make the bowl.

It’s shot during an evening on location in Algonquin Provincial Park during an eight day solo trip on an island in Lac Lavielle with my dog Maddy.