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5 Day Solo Canoe Trip with My Dog Lucy

Come join Lucy and I in this 10 part series of this 5 day solo canoe trip in Algonquin Provincial Park that takes us on tour around Cedar and Catfish lake as well as a part of one of my favourite river, the beautiful Nipissing.

With some good thunder storms and high winds, it was challenging at times but we managed to get some good tips and tricks in along with our regularly scheduled portage show! Thanks for watching…


Part 1 of 10


Part 2 of 10


Part 3 of 10


Part 4 of 10


Part 5 of 10


Part 6 of 10


Part 7 of 10


Part 8 of 10


Part 9 of 10


Part 10 of 10

How To Coal Burn and Carve a Spoon

Here I demonstrate how to make a spoon by carving and using a coal burning technique to make the bowl.

It’s shot during an evening on location in Algonquin Provincial Park during an eight day solo trip on an island in Lac Lavielle with my dog Maddy.

How to Make Backpacking Pot Cozies

This is how I make pot cozies for my cooking system in the backcountry. Pot cozies are a real game changer because they save you fuel, reduce the risk of burning your food and just make cooking easier. For example, if you have something like rice that you need to bring to a boil and then simmer for 10 minutes you would simply bring it to a boil and then remove it from the heat and put it in the pot cozy for twice the amount of time you would simmer for. So in this case, you let it sit in the cozy for 20 minutes and it comes out perfectly.

They’re also great for just keeping things warm. When I make pancakes I’ll cook one up and then add it to the cozy without the pot in it. By the time I’m done three or four pancakes they’re all still wonderfully warm in the cozy, just waiting for syrup!

They’re also really light to boot! Check ’em out…

A Solo Backpacker’s Kitchen / Mess Kit

This is my kitchen setup for when I go on solo backcountry trips. It includes my pot and pan, soap, handkerchief and other items I cover in the video. I’ve also put in a little review of the Sea To Summit X-Bowl and X-Cup.

By the way, I just want to be clear that any reviews I do are my personal tastes and preferences. I just like to mention those responsible for making the gear I like. I have no affiliations with any companies that would sway my opinion.